Have We Tamed the Risk-Takers?

Dated: 08/29/2019

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At the risk of sounding like my father - what happened to the Good Old Days?  When I was a kid we didn't wear seatbelts in the car or helmets when riding our bikes.  Certainly, today we realize the risk in those behaviors, but at the same time, I believe our culture has perhaps over-emphasized protection to the detriment of risk-taking.  Aside from some of the accidental break-throughs in science and technology, most significant achievement came with a risk often times on a repeated basis (trial and error).  Without those risk-takers advancement would slow to a trickle.

Today, I look for entrepreneurs seeking to take a step into the unknown, or at least the unfamiliar, but find surprising few.  Most individuals today appear to be satisfied with a job and its paycheck as their security blanket.  Admittedly, in the early years of family-raising, that approach is prudent.  But at some point, I suspect there is a time when some of you pause for a moment to consider that maybe there is another way, another more fulfilling and rewarding way, to approach the future.

From personal experience, I can attest that it is possible.  Business ownership can flip your life upside-down and inside-out if you are willing to take a risk.  Right now, baby-boomers who took that risk 30 years ago, are reaching retirement age and want or need to sell their business, but cannot find anyone interested to step into their shoes.  Often times, these businesses are well-established and recognizable institutions.  The branding and marketing has been done, but maybe it's time to modernize or expand or diversify or invigorate the image.  Are you interested to step-up to the challenge/opportunity or have you been tamed?

Mark Fanning, Alsted Real Estate, Moses Lake, WA

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Mark & Susan Fanning

In 2019, after nearly 40 years as a Realtor in Moses Lake, Susan chose to step down as Designated Broker and place daughters Sherri and Amy in charge of the family business. Susan (CRS & GREEN) and M....

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